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Amazon cloud helps you setup your complete backend. We have the expertise to help you understand to make the right decision for your product.


EC2 is the name of the amazon service, by which you can get your own virtual server in the cloud. There is a good option of hardware and software which this server can come loaded with. This further can be customised any which way. We can host application servers, database servers or any kind of storage or compute related application on this virutal servers.

Amazon charges for these servers at an hourly rate. New users get one year of free usage, but it is limited to one of the lower end servers.


The S3 service is storage space in the cloud. We can store any kind of file here. We can also host static websites from here.


DynamoDB is Amazon’s nosql database.


Lambda provides cpu time or function as a service. Opposed to EC2, in which you need to pay at an hourly rate irrespective whether the cpu is being used or not, using Lambda the payment is only for the time the cpu is used. Lambda is a great service to save costs, but currently it can be used for a limited set of things.


Cloudfront is a CDN++, it provides caching, it uses amazon’s scale and hence data is stored closer to the users geographically as well.

We are also experts in other AWS services like API gateway, Route 53, Cloud Watch, Lex, Polly, Rekognition, Cognito, SES, SNS and others.

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