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Written by Jai

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Wordpress is great. But wait ...there is something better.

Imagine a platform, which gives complete independence to your team of writers, photographers, developers, editors!

The photographers upload the media, the writers use the media and write up the articles. The editors review and publish the articles. The developers simultaneously roll out a new version of the platform.

Now this is possible.

Contentful + Netlify + Tech (Gatsby, Hugo etc)

Using Contently, your writers, photographers and editors semalessly collaborate.

Your development team rolls out new version in the tech of their choice. Netlify brings the two together and publishes the site as soon as anyone makes an update.

This gives you unmatched performance, security and scalability of static sites with no infrastructure costs. Beautiful. It cannot get better. Really. This architecture is also called the Jamstack

This blog is a very simple example of this arhitecture.

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Jaikant Kumaran

Jai is passionate about social issues and causes. He is the founder of sherpafeet and Tech47.

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