ReactJS Workshop - August 2018

Written by Akash Narayanan

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Tech47 hosted its very first workshop during the second week of August this year. There was a neutral response to the session that consisted of students, interns, freshers, freelancers, and, working professionals. The seminar was conducted through event scheduling platform, Meetup (

Sufficient awareness about the meet up was created through various platforms including web developer forums, ReactJS forums, professional networking platforms like LinkedIn, Social media outlets like Facebook, and even developer groups on popular productivity and collaborator platform, Slack.

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The Presenters for the day, Jaikant Kumaran (developer) and Toumi Maximilien (developer) covered the essentials of ReactJS and ensured that it was a fun, useful, and lively session with ample amount of participant interaction and involvement. The participants were encouraged to ask questions and clear their doubts, as this would enable them to have a firm grasp of the language.

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The session was conducted from two to five in the afternoon on a Saturday, with few minutes break in between. The participants were required to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript as a pre-requisite.

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Some of the topics presented during the first half of the session were:

  1. Introduction to ReactJS
  2. React CreateElement
  3. React functional components
  4. React Props

During the second half, the following concepts were covered:

  1. React Class Components
  2. React State

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The session concluded with 30 minutes of a Q&A session.

The participants posed questions of the following nature:

  1. What is the difference between a React element and React component?
  2. Is there any alternative to Babel to convert JSX to JavaScript?
  3. Why should JSX be converted to JS?
  4. Is there any software available that can convert JS to JSX?
  5. Why is React code being written inside HTML, why not create react app?
  6. What is React DOM?
  7. Why are ‘states’ being used, and what is the difference between states and props?

Our next workshop will be conducted in the month of September.

Please follow our Meetup page to get notified about upcoming training sessions:

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