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sherpafeet is a platform for trekking guides. Trekking guides is a disorganised industry. Anyone who has done a couple of treks can claim to be a trek guide. Thats great. But in the process, the native people who depend on this profession for their livelihood were losing out. sherpafeet is a social enterprise which not only helps the native people but is grounded on the core concepts of sustainability.

Technology which drives sherpafeet

The sherpafeet platform is built on the MERN Stack. That is

Hosting and Devops

The platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Search Functionality

The search functionality on sherpafeet is powered by Elastic Search


Instead of the traditional REST APIs we use GraphQL

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Jaikant Kumaran

Jai is passionate about social issues and causes. He is the founder of sherpafeet and Tech47.

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