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Technology is a great enabler and we feel everyone has a right to use the best technology.

If you are a social enterprise or NGO, we can help you with technology.

How we can help Social Enterprises

If your social enterprise or NGO, inspires us we can help you in the following ways at no cost.

  • As a technology consultant.
  • An online presence with a static website.
  • An online blog for your Organisation.

As we have a pipeline of requests which we are fulfilling, expect about 2-3 months of time before we can fulfill your request.

Maintenance, support and future proofing.

Bug fixes, new features is a critical aspect which many ignore. Over a period of time, this costs more than the actual development efforts. We feel this challenge is best addressed by open sourcing the code.

All the code we use to develop software is open source.

We strongly believe open source developers and communities are the future of software development. Open sourcing the code is the first step to tap into this eco-system.

Technology we use

We are strongly opinionated on technology. There are some technologies we love and some technologies we avoid. The reason we avoid some technologies is because we feel they may not be dominant in the future.

Social Causes which resonate with us.

Below are a few social causes which we may like more than others.

  • Education for under privileged children.
  • Support and care for mental illness.
  • Support and research for cancer.
  • Waste Mgmt, sustainability & climate.
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Jaikant Kumaran

Jai is passionate about social issues and causes. He is the founder of sherpafeet and Tech47.

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