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Technology is changing faster than we realize. So fast, that even technical specialists in their fields are not able to keep up with the advancements. In such a rapidly advancing eco system, to be able to select the right technologies for the problem intended to be solved is difficult. Some of the primary considerations to be made, while selecting the technologies and architecting the solution would be the cost, scalability and maintenance.


With services moving to the cloud. Cost saving are achieved initially by using cloud API’s. Eventually if the product and solution work and when it comes to scale, cloud API’s could be continued to reconsidered depending on the cost benefit analysis.


A solution needs to be architected rightly, for it to be scalable. That said, some solutions if architected for scalability may get very cost intensive. As an example Cassandra is a very respected database system and massively scalable. But then, the cost of setting and maintaining such a system could be high. There are multiple technological solutions available in the market, but your use case will dictate the solution which will be best suited. We help you make these decisions in a transparent and documented way.


When technology is evolving with such rapid pace, there are multiple things which change in the dimension of time, due to which the product would need updation. A dominant use case is security. Security vulnerabilities need patching of all systems. Also with open source becoming main stream, the open source packages get frequent updates. Other than this, the regular aspect of fixing bugs or addition of new features. All of these make it important to think about the strategy to maintain the software product. We can help you evolve the right strategies.

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