Our Full Stack Services

Fullstack Tech

Fullstack takes on a lot of different meanings. By fullstack we mean, we implement the entire tech stack needed using technologies which are in harmony to each other. We think selecting the right technology is key to the future of the product.

Full stack harmony

This is a term we use, to describe how the technologies should play with each other. The front end UI should be able to seamlessly talk to the backend. The backend compute and storage should be smooth with no friction playing out. To be able to achieve this kind of unison, it is important to not only understand the product well but also the future goals of the product.

The current age is spoilt with options, which only makes it more difficult and confusing to select the right technologies. A simple example would be which framework to use for front end development. We have Angular, React, Vue, Preact to name a few. And there are more coming. Where does JQuery play within all of this? Which database should I use? Which cloud hosting should we use? These are all the first level questions, from which come the next set of questions, where the number of choices get larger.

Technical Strategy & Cost

When we say fullstack we included web apps as well as mobile apps as well as their back ends. But there are more nuances than can be seen. What is the best way to get a technical solution which can evolve with the product is where we focus. Static vs Dynamic sites, Native vs Non Native apps, App or a PWA, Serverless or not, Scalability. These are all points we are intimately familiar with and help you make the best choice striking a balance between cost and solutions.

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