ReactJS workshop - Sept, 2018

Written by Akash Narayanan

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We at Tech47, successfully hosted another React.js workshop in the month of September this year.


The workshop was scheduled through, and we received ample number of registrations, which is an indication of a growing number of developers, and a collective interest to learn react.js.


In order to get developers to attend the workshop, some detailed steps had to be taken such as emailing participants of the first meetup, setting up the event on our meetup page, arranging a meetup location, etc. We put up a registration form on ‘Meetup’ to know the proficiency level of participants with regards to web development in general and ReactJS in particular, and to get an idea of the audience that we were going to present to.


From the data gathered, it was clear that half the participants who attended the session had around 3 years of experience in web development and the other half had something in the range of 3-6 years; almost everyone had a modest understanding of React with few months of exposure.

Since the turnout for the first workshop fell a bit short of our expectations, we decided to change our approach to the registration and shortlisting process. Instead of just sending confirmation mails to registrants, we decided to interact with them individually to get an idea of how many would actually attend it. This worked, as most of them were certain about whether they would attend the workshop or not.


We could accomodate 25 folks in our workshop, so we confirmed 25 developers after interacting with them on email. Out of these 25, 17 turned up. Since we knew there would be a certain level of uncertainty even among participants who we had interacted with and confirmed, we went ahead and confirmed an additional 19 registrants who we had not interacted with. And as expected, out of these 19, only 4 turned up.

Overall, we had a full house with 21 developers and our team of 6, which made it a total of 27 developers. We had now achieved our optimal workshop headcount. The workshop began with an Introduction to the internals of React, laying down the basic concepts, after which an in-depth explanation on each of the concepts was imparted. Amanpreet and Jai took the first session in segments, which covered topics like, Introduction to ReactJS, React CreateElement, React functional components, and, React props.

Jai took the second session that covered topics like React Class components & React State. The entire workshop saw participant involvement in a hands-on coding session, where they got to write code and see the results for themselves.


With this being our second workshop, feedback of participants was equivocal; some constructive feedback for us to work upon along with a lot of appreciation.

Although the number of participants were significantly greater than the response we received in the first workshop, the trainers were able to get their points across in a very brief manner.

We had a very interactive workshop with participation from all developers, and we were able to answer all their questions.

Our next workshop, which is on GatsbyJS, is scheduled on the 6th of October 2018, post which we would look at having a workshop on advanced react concepts.

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