Please note: This is an experimental interface. Clicking start call will prompt to turn on your camera. If you are contacting us for the first time, send us a whatsapp message instead. If you are on a PC and/or do not have whatsApp installed, you can contact us on or email: or send us a message.

Looks like you need to upgrade your browser to make a video call to us.

Video calls rely on your browser, so it's key to have your browser be up to date:

  • Safari 12.1
  • Chrome 74
  • Firefox 66

For mobile, Safari updates are bundled with iOS updates. Apple doesn't update Safari with every iOS release, but when they do, they give it the version number of the iOS version it first ships with. As of summer 2019, works with iPhone with iOS 12.01 or newer You can join calls on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS Safari and Android Chrome. (Edge is limited to 1:1 calls.)

It's strongly recommended you update to the latest OS for your device. And not just for video calling reasons — we say that for simply security, across the board.

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